Friday, December 17, 2010

The Rehearsal

Okay, so here we go...months and months late and I am finally writing a post about the wedding.

I should note that I have another blog now Baileys Brides, that keeps me busy.I have started my own wedding planning business, and things are doing well.

Anyways...back to the basics.

My mom flew up the week before the wedding. I loved the idea of having my mom around to help with all the last minute things, I honestly thought I was so organized though that there would be no last minute things! I laugh  out loud at this *snort snort*. My mom and I spent the entire week cleaning the apartment, gluing ribbon to the cake stand, tying cute little bows to bubble wands, printing programs and little minor projects that did not seem imperative at the time...but boy were they time consuming in the end. All moms are a blessing.

After working our butts off on my home front we headed to the church on July 21, 2010 for the rehearsal. A mere three days before the wedding.

 Us practicing to hold hands and to love each other until death
 The girls listening and paying close attention
 The boys....not so much

The rehearsal went great, off without a hitch. (literally...that's not for another 3 days!)

Some suggestions to the future brides. Bring your Marriage Certificate to the rehearsal and give it to the pastor then. I have heard way to many horror stories of no marriage licenses arriving to the church on the day of the wedding! Also, we had a photographer and videographer, we invited them to come to the rehearsal. This gave them time to go around the church and the grounds to check out lighting and to do some practice shots for the big day. Try to set the time for the rehearsal for when you will be having the ceremony, this works well for lighting etc.

All photos are courtesy of my dear mother :)

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