Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Meeting

Before I get carried away with the engagement, wedding, house, babies and retirement (a few of these are many many years down the road) I thought I would fill the blogging world in on how I met Mr. Panda

Many many moons ago..okay 10 years ago, I started attending UNBC. I was young (17) and living on my was sweet :) In my third year of Uni I met a guy (NOT Mr. Panda...more Mr. Ass) and we dated for a while. It was a long and troubled relationship that I was focused on for almost three years. That whole time though, it seems a wonderful man..a small little panda was involved in my life when I didnt even know it. Mr. Ass and I attended church regularly and that included a home group that Mr. Panada went to.

Mr. Panda can remember the first time he saw me. He said I was "cute", what a doll. He was even at one of my birthday parties in my house! (I didnt believe him till I saw pics). Seems Mr. Ass may have rubbed some ass attitutde on to me. To this day I still am in awe that I never noticed this little panda.

Eventually Mr. Ass and I went seperate ways and through a move here and a move there I ended up on Mr. Pandas doorstep on a saturday. I was heading downtown to do some overtime at work (how cool am i, right?!) and stopped by to see if his roomie wanted dinner. The roomie was out...but the little panda was in. As most university students do, he was not willing to turn down free food. He came to my place for dinner and we chated for hours and the history....

On July 25, 2010 will will be together for 3.5 years, truly this has been the best three years of my life and I cant wait to spend many many more with him.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A real bride

I have been engaged since October 10th, 2009 which is a little over four months now and I have enjoyed every second...well lets just say every minute of it. Over the last few months I have done everything from dress shopping to dress buying, to getting tuxes, renting churches and renting reception all aspects the wedding is pretty much planned but I still do not feel like a is this possible?!

On Tuesday I sent out all my invitations and by friday most people had received them. RSVP's started flooding in and my ever reliable facebook page started popping up with comments about th
e invitations and "yes I can come!!!". Guess February 19, 2010 I felt like a bride! My heart skipped a million beats as my first yes came in. It was next to impossible to wipe the smile off my face as I received one RSVP that was Jackson 5's "I'll be there" song...Im a BRIDE...and im getting married in 156 days. WOW.

Its hard to believe that people, from all over the world, near and far, are all coming together to celebrate in the day that Mr.Panda and I get married. It makes it feel so real, it makes it so surreal, it makes me feel like a BRIDE.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Rustic Yellow Charm

Maybe I should stop googling and facebook stalking people since I already have my wedding theme in mind. It seems everyday I stumble upon something where I gasp and say "Why didnt I think of that!!" but I guess the beauty at the moment is I am still able to do some of those things since the wedding is a little over five months away (or maybe im being a little to ambitious!?)

I stumbled upon this site today and have to say that Stephanie Fay Photography not only did an amazing job of taking these photos but may single handedly bring down my theme I have going for my wedding and let this one come to life.

I mean how beautiful is this?! seriously. Quaint, beautiful and simple filled with all the elegance and classy touches one could dream of!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


......VOILA! here is my "wedding", well to be more specific here are my wedding colours. Im really excited about this colour palette and although maybe it is not the most original its definitly helping me to obtain the ""image" or "theme" im going for which is...
Natural, Nature and Elegance
to obtain such a thing is pretty much as easy as it sounds, atleast I like to think so.
Here is a little background about moi.
I was born and raised in a really small town but live up to the whole movie stereotype of "small girl in a little town needing to break loose". Since I can remember I have always been a little more "main stream". I have been into concerts, theater and the arts etc. which has brought me to Vancouver many many times. Eventually I settled into Vancouver because of this...but mainly for Mr. Panda (aka FH).
Mr. Panda and I decided to get married in Vancouver for a few reasons....
1. Ocean, mountains, beach and snow (hello??)
2. We have many fond memories here
3. He has family in Calgary I have family up the middle
4. Options, options, options
5. Expenses
6. Variety
Having a small town wedding in my families yard definitly crossed my mind a million times but I realized that to do that would be more for my family and not as much as what I would actually want. So through many agnozing tears I decided on Vancouver. My family seems okay with it but I know deep down they would like it to be in Hazelton.
So to meet in the middle I have come up with this palette, go figure!? Mr. Panda and I are going for something that looks and feels low key but is actually very elegant. We are obtaining this image through our centerpieces, invitations and decor. I feel the greens, brown and give a very nature know...cozy. Where as the purple adds the flair of elegance and richness.
I hope this works!

Friday, February 12, 2010

A place to begin

Time to start a blog I say! start start start...but what to write.

I feel I have hit a tremendous writers block because I have been told I talk about weddings to much and since being engaged....mostly MY wedding. But lets dig deep down to the root of this wedding "talk"....dig dig dig....I *heart* weddings. TA DA discovery at last.

Ultimatley my dream job would be to be a wedding planner, the best wedding planner in the world. I would plan small quiant backyard weddings all the way to billion dollar weddings and I would love every minute of it. Every second i say! every flippin second...But wedding planning is a hard profession to get into, especially in a place like Vancouver where competition is high and the more money you have the better you are. (I have no money in case you were wondering).

So now I resort to blogging about weddings. My wedding ideas, weddings I have been to, want to go to and should go to.

I hope you enjoy this blog and follow it, I promise...okay maybe not PROMISE...but it wont ALL be wedding stuff. :)
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