Monday, March 22, 2010


My invitations have been sent out sometime ago actually....say...mid-feb. I made an RSVP deadline of April 1st, 2010, a little "ahead of the game"???

I have been treating my wedding like a destination wedding. I could be completley selfless and say its all for the sanity of my out of town guests, so they can book rooms and flights but its also for me...alot!

By sending out the invites so early before the wedding it gives me many opitions, freedom and a little flexibilty with things.

1- I can prepare name tags for the seating chart much earlier (who doesnt want to get DIY projects out of the way as soon as possible?)

2- I can send out a wave of "B" list invites after April 1, 2010 to make sure my seats are all filled with lovely friends and family

3- My "B" list aka my friends can actually come now that I have invited all my (zillion) family members and the obligatory invites .

4- Two weeks before the wedding i am not running around trying to get RSVP's out of people

Now obviously all good things have to come to an end...or more...this seems to easy why isnt EVERYONE doing it....Giving them out so early leaves a possibilty for two major flaws.

1- People say no...or far ahead of the game and things might "pop" up leaving them to change their answer again

2- yeah, thats it....they change their mind....then what?!

I have yet to tackle to obscure thought of the "ohh cant come! sorry deary" and then the phone call two months later saying "surprise we can!!" I like to think I would be just brave enough to say.."sorry the seats are full"...but family right....yeesh, not likely.

As of now, Mr. Panda and I sent out 108 invitations for our 100 person function. We have 60 RSVP's with yes on them so far, and a little over 8 no's. 10 more sleeps and I get to start phoning people asking if they are coming or not. Im actually looking forward to this process, most Brides dread it but I see it as an opportunity to call some friends and family and talk to them about the wedding!

Is anyone else calling their guests if they have not RSVP'd in the deadline time? I feel I have thrown tact to the wind in my case...but honestly, how much tact do you have if you can not RSVP to someone (and remember this is my "A" list, meaning think it would be automatic). I will start calling April 8, 2010 at about 4:47 pm....they better be ready. Come hell or high water I will have a yes or no for every invite that was sent out :)

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