Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wedding Clothes

As a bride, as a person and as myself I am always a busy girl these days so I have been lacking on the updated posts...which makes me sad...and makes me feel more stressed as I feel the need to "catch up on something!"

The last few weeks have been filled with an abundance of events. A couple of weeks ago my parents came in to town and we took this opportunity find wedding clothes...for everyone.

We were able to get a great suit for my dad, this was such an awsome moment for me as my dad never wears suits....or dress clothes for that matter, so to see him all dressed up pulled at my heartstrings. We were also able to get a smashing out fit for my mother and....most importantly...FOUR bridesmaid dresses OFF THE RACK.

I know...impossible right?!! Thats what I thought as well for the last 4 months leading up to buying these dratted dresses. Bridal stores would always looked shocked when i said my girls were coming into town March 6 to buy bridemaid dresses for July 24th...they always said I would have to put a rush order in :(

BM dress shopping is tricky, atleast it was for me. I did not want my girls going out and buying a 400.00 dress they would never wear...or shoes etc. I wanted them all to be comforable in something and all agree on something...impossible....

Bryans (not Bryans Bride...just Bryans) Had these four dresses for 99.00!!

The little peek of black bra wont be seen at the wedding...but all the same...marvelous right?!
I have four BM. The one above, and another girl who has the same shape and then two taller, slimmer girls. I dont have a pic of the taller girls' marvelous dresses but they are the same colour, same material and same length. The only difference is their neckline is higher, they have pockets and the style is more "Audrey Hepburn".

The best part of this entire BM dress shopping experience is....the girls all LOVE their dresses. Like "Im going to wear this to a wedding after yours" love.

This makes me happy :)

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