Monday, July 5, 2010

Out of town bags

I have a few do it yourself wedding projects on the go, they are great for saving money....but not so great for saving time.

You have already seen my centerpieces which I am incredibly happy with and for 5.00 a centerpiece I can not go wrong.

One of my other projects are my out of town bags.

I purchased only 13 white bags for my out of town guests, one per couple. In each bag I placed a handful of fliers for things to do in the area and on campus where we are getting married. I printed off the above labels and coloured them in with the wedding colours, brown, green and purple.

One of the labels had the wedding date on them and the others had our names (in case people forgot). I also put two water bottles in each bag and a card saying "thank-you."

I have seen other peoples bags and mine seems by far the most simple but it was most cost effective and it got the idea out that Mr. Panda and I were thank-ful for them coming all this way.

In total each bag cost me about $1.50 each. Cant go wrong right?

Did you do out of town bags?


  1. Hi there! I found your blog on Weddingbee. I am so excited to start reading it and getting to know you better! Wedding planning is so exciting!

    Your out of town bags sound great. They don't need to be fancy! They just need to say "thank you."

  2. How did you go about making your water bottles?

  3. Thanks Amy

    Lifeinwhite, i actually just googled water bottle template and this one came up. I opened it in Adobe PhotoShop editor and converted the colours that i wanted and put the letter "G" in. I am the furthest thing from computer savvy and i was able to do it. From what i understand you can purchase paper that is water proof so the labels wont "sweat" off, I on the other hand just opted for plain old paper.

    Hope this helps. If you contact me privately I can email you my template if you would like :)

  4. I am hugely obsessed with out of town bags. I love your ideas - those water bottles are super cute!


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