Sunday, July 4, 2010

Engaged! (awhile ago....)

I may have jumped a little ahead of myself blogging. I started blogging about the wedding and planning and all that jazz almost 4 months into planning and have obviously forgotten some details that are very very important. You know how Mr. Panda and I met....but how did I become his fiance?

Mr. Panda and I had flown to my little hometown to spend Thanksgiving with my family. One of my sisters' was still in Australia but my youngest sister and her boyfriend (now fiance) were there.

On October 10, 2009 my family, Mr. Panda and sisters boyfriend all took a drive into a neighboring town, upon our return my dear dear mother was insisting on taking family photos and that I should go get dressed up. Needless to say I was very aminent that this was ridiculous but upon some persusaion from my sister I went and got ready.

While I was in the shower all chaos broke loose. Mr. Panda, sisters' boyfriend and my dad fired up the four wheelers. Mr. Panda and sisters' boyfriend took off flying up the trails on the four wheeler to the waterfall behind my house and returned as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile my sisters was doing my hair and makeup (me not clueing in AT ALL that it seems a little odd that ONLY I was getting all dolled up for family pics). Mr. Panda was in the kitchen by that time, slidding and pacing around in the kitchen, my family sat him down and gave him a few shots of Rum from Cuba to help him out :)

After getting dolled up they went to the creek/fireplace in my yard to take some family photos. My mom and dad insited that the Mr. Panda and I should go for a short walk before the photos, so we meandered up to ....the waterfall... Mr. Panda had placed the ring and a bottle of champagne with glasses on top of a rock in front of the waterfall. We climbed on top and Mr.Panda got on one knee and gave an amazing little talk about how much he loved me and then asked if I would marry him...

Can you guess????

I said yes!!

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