Tuesday, February 16, 2010


......VOILA! here is my "wedding", well to be more specific here are my wedding colours. Im really excited about this colour palette and although maybe it is not the most original its definitly helping me to obtain the ""image" or "theme" im going for which is...
Natural, Nature and Elegance
to obtain such a thing is pretty much as easy as it sounds, atleast I like to think so.
Here is a little background about moi.
I was born and raised in a really small town but live up to the whole movie stereotype of "small girl in a little town needing to break loose". Since I can remember I have always been a little more "main stream". I have been into concerts, theater and the arts etc. which has brought me to Vancouver many many times. Eventually I settled into Vancouver because of this...but mainly for Mr. Panda (aka FH).
Mr. Panda and I decided to get married in Vancouver for a few reasons....
1. Ocean, mountains, beach and snow (hello??)
2. We have many fond memories here
3. He has family in Calgary I have family up north....Vancouver...in the middle
4. Options, options, options
5. Expenses
6. Variety
Having a small town wedding in my families yard definitly crossed my mind a million times but I realized that to do that would be more for my family and not as much as what I would actually want. So through many agnozing tears I decided on Vancouver. My family seems okay with it but I know deep down they would like it to be in Hazelton.
So to meet in the middle I have come up with this palette, go figure!? Mr. Panda and I are going for something that looks and feels low key but is actually very elegant. We are obtaining this image through our centerpieces, invitations and decor. I feel the greens, brown and give a very nature theme...you know...cozy. Where as the purple adds the flair of elegance and richness.
I hope this works!

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