Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Meeting

Before I get carried away with the engagement, wedding, house, babies and retirement (a few of these are many many years down the road) I thought I would fill the blogging world in on how I met Mr. Panda

Many many moons ago..okay 10 years ago, I started attending UNBC. I was young (17) and living on my was sweet :) In my third year of Uni I met a guy (NOT Mr. Panda...more Mr. Ass) and we dated for a while. It was a long and troubled relationship that I was focused on for almost three years. That whole time though, it seems a wonderful man..a small little panda was involved in my life when I didnt even know it. Mr. Ass and I attended church regularly and that included a home group that Mr. Panada went to.

Mr. Panda can remember the first time he saw me. He said I was "cute", what a doll. He was even at one of my birthday parties in my house! (I didnt believe him till I saw pics). Seems Mr. Ass may have rubbed some ass attitutde on to me. To this day I still am in awe that I never noticed this little panda.

Eventually Mr. Ass and I went seperate ways and through a move here and a move there I ended up on Mr. Pandas doorstep on a saturday. I was heading downtown to do some overtime at work (how cool am i, right?!) and stopped by to see if his roomie wanted dinner. The roomie was out...but the little panda was in. As most university students do, he was not willing to turn down free food. He came to my place for dinner and we chated for hours and the history....

On July 25, 2010 will will be together for 3.5 years, truly this has been the best three years of my life and I cant wait to spend many many more with him.

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