Friday, February 12, 2010

A place to begin

Time to start a blog I say! start start start...but what to write.

I feel I have hit a tremendous writers block because I have been told I talk about weddings to much and since being engaged....mostly MY wedding. But lets dig deep down to the root of this wedding "talk"....dig dig dig....I *heart* weddings. TA DA discovery at last.

Ultimatley my dream job would be to be a wedding planner, the best wedding planner in the world. I would plan small quiant backyard weddings all the way to billion dollar weddings and I would love every minute of it. Every second i say! every flippin second...But wedding planning is a hard profession to get into, especially in a place like Vancouver where competition is high and the more money you have the better you are. (I have no money in case you were wondering).

So now I resort to blogging about weddings. My wedding ideas, weddings I have been to, want to go to and should go to.

I hope you enjoy this blog and follow it, I promise...okay maybe not PROMISE...but it wont ALL be wedding stuff. :)

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