Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey liar!

See that post below me...the one boasting about how im not stressed and everything is "like soooo totally awsome"...I lied. Well not really...per say. At the time I wrote that post I was feeling pretty confident about myself and the whole wedding stuff, but something happened over night and over the past few days......im not ready...im stressed....and now i am sick!

It all began when someone says "Do you have all your songs picked yet?" In my head I know I don't and in my calmed heart I know it will get done so im not worried in the slightest, but then they say "Oh my gosh, you DONT, you must be soooo stressed" and like a slap to the face my heart skips a beat and someone in my head starts screaming "WHY ARENT YOU STRESSED...GET STRESSED NOW" and is if on que, I became stressed. My to do list, which was ONLY one page is now ONE HUGE page, it looks long and daunting and i sweat bullets looking at it.

When people get stressed they do random things, some people eat alot (me), or eat very little, chew their nails, pull their hair....anything! ME....I ...get...sick! Two days after a frightful phone call from a friend talking about how stressed I SHOULD be...I got sick and when I am sick I lose sleep, and when I lose sleep I become even more ill and then cranky and unproductive. So the cycle begins.

How does one deal with it? I have been joking about taking our mini-moon BEFORE the wedding but I know that would only throw stress fuel on my already high octane stress fire. Imagine "relaxing" with your hubby to be while you have a half put together candy buffet at home and a seating chart with no names....doubt...very highly doubt that it will be relaxing.

I have a great network of friends and family who have offered to help...but when i look at my tasks it seems it would all just be easier if i just did it myself. Do I REALLY want people driving an hour to come help me buy ribbon and tie it around a vase?

Tonight I am attempting to unwind. Get rid of this incredibly sore throat and "move on" from it. Im going to go to the tanning bed to feel some warmth and coziness, have some dinner, dust (its KIND OF relaxing cause i am getting something done), get in my PJ's, make some hot tea and watch some TV...maybe possibly cut the ribbon for my vases.....:)

Wish me luck?!

How do you manage the wedding stress?


  1. I made lists with everything i had to do even stuff I had done and crossed off the stuff I had already done. That way I could reflect on how far I had come and not how much I still had left. I remember feeling like it would never all come together and I had nightmares about forgetting things, but it all worked out! And the one thing I forgot was no biggie!

    People seem to want brides to be stresses. When they ask why you aren't stressed just say "I have a plan!"

  2. Hi! I found your blog via WB. I handle stress by taking a bath almost every night. It is just total ME time. I put some calming bath stuff in it, and usually drink a glass of wine while watching an episode of the Gilmore Girls on my laptop. It's become a very very strong routine, and if I don't take a bath at night I feel icky and weird!

    You can follow me at http://dressfloozy.blogspot.com/ I'd love some comments too!


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