Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How long? - LONG distance -

Mr.Panda and the future Mrs. Panda - The beginning

Mr.Panda and I met at an odd time in our lives. He was still in school obtaining his degree in Physics and Math and I had just moved back from a 1.5 year haitus in Vancouver. Our relationship is funny, I would not change it for the world...but its funny.

I was recovering from an engagement gone wrong and was not really looking for a relationship and as it turns out Mr. Panda was not really ready for one either. But when love hits it hits hard and there is no avoiding it. We dated for a three months before he moved back to Vancouver for the summer, and so began four months of long distance.

Ever done long distance before? Its tough, I give total credit to anyone who can do it. I spent hundreds of dollars that summer flying to see him and he visted me with what time he could get off. Although long distance is hard, I found it very valuable in our relationship. It strengthened what we had and it really made us value the time we did have together. As funny as it sounds I would never change the fact that we had to spend four months, at the beginning or our relationship, apart. It forced us to talk alot via phone or email and it was such a great way to learn who we are and who they are.

But let me state one thing....we never did it again :) The next summer Mr. Panada stayed in Prince George with me and the following September (or more late August) we moved to Vancouver together.

So you have done long distance before?! but have you moved to another city, far away from your friends andf family with a boyfriend that will not live with you till your married?! I might have one up on you with this....que.....Mr.Panda and future Mrs. Panada move to Vancouver - Future Mrs. Panada living alone and scared....and/or angry?"

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  1. My fiance and I were long distance for four years, so I'd say I have some insight into long distance relationships. I think they totally make you stronger as a couple. :)


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