Monday, June 21, 2010

To stagette or not to stagette....this is one of many questions

Amazing ladies, amazing time, fun and memories!

This past weekend was my stagette and as far as stagettes go...mine was the best (biased much!)

My lovely and amazing bridesmaids planned a weekend getaway in the lovely Whistler. They rented a three story townhouse high in the mountains, supplied food, goodies, games, good times and of course drinks.

I imagined my stagette as much as i dreamt of my wedding, i think they are so much fun. When i was younger my stagette idea was definitely different from what i wanted at the age of 27. By the time a reached 27 I was not up for the raging evening of drinking and a written off day of nursing a hangover...I honestly do not know who at this age has the time to write off a day (old much?!) I was looking for a laid back weekend, catching up with all my ladies, gossiping, chatting and having a few drinks and dances. And that we did...for two days!

I arrived late friday night with three other girls from Vancouver and came to the townhouse to meet my two besties from Prince George. I was so excited to know that all these girls were here just for was so humbling. (I could cry!). My MOH had martini glasses for us w
ith candies in them, leis, and our initials on each glass, so adorable. Oh and of course a dozen or so things for me to wear and prance around in.
We spent the friday night having drinks,catching up and playing games. The next morning we slowly woke, got dressed and headed into

Whistler Village. It was an AMAZING day (especially considering it was thundering and lighting). We took the peak to peak, a gondola or ski lift from one mountain peak to another. What an amazing trip! Seriously though, a true test of friendship is when two girls, petrified of heights climbs into a gondola for the bride! (greatest girls ever!).

PS I do not know who the two ladies in white hats...they seemed to think we were beautiful though and wanted pictures taken with us.

We came home for the evening to a scavenger hunt that had been set up...the final and last clue was a pinata made in the shape of a glass of wine, made by my dear sister, hilarity ensued. We then had some dinner, had some pre drink sex and the city cocktails and then went out for dancing.

We danced.....and danced and danced. It was an AMAZING weekend filled with so much thoughtfulness, love and fun! I would not have changed anything!

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