Friday, June 25, 2010

Im ready

When I first got engaged, which in one way feels like a million years ago and in another countdown marker started at over 200 more days till my wedding.

Today it reached 29 more days...which is one day shy of four weeks, which means, next month, which means.....SOON.

Im not super stressed, I do not have a huge list of to do things, and the list i do have does not stress me out. But the fact,...the sheer fact that I am not stressed out gives me butterflies in my tummy. I actually "act" stressed when people say "ohhh its coming up so do you feel" I always respond with a sigh and "stressed?!"

My wedding to me is big and I do have things to do, but I honestly feel like things are winding down instead of speeding up with last minute details. My stagette is over, I have all 94 RSVP's in (all yes!), everything is booked, everything is signed, sealed and delivered. Im ready.

Im ready to take fun pictures, to get dressed with my mom, to see my future husband dressed up for the first time, to walk down the aisle, to become Mrs. Panda. Im so ready to dance with my father, to share my slideshow with my guests, to so see my grandma all dressed up, and to dance with my husband. Im more then ready to rip up the dance floor with friends and family, to show off all my hard work and take photos in my fauxto-booth with pom poms as my ears.

Im ready to spread some love as a wife.

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