Monday, June 14, 2010

What have you won today?

One of the perks of going to Bridal Shows is winning stuff!! I could spend day putting my name in draws...winning stuff is fun, no one can deny that.

I should make note to everyone that there are probably a few horseshoes stuck up my butt :)

In the past 2 years I have won a new golf bag (Mr. Panda was happy with
this), a cruise, yes thats right an all expenses paid 1 week cruise to Alaska....did i mention it was a balcony suite?

Four tickets to the No Doubt concert with a meet and greet and a
night at the Opus Hotel and last but not least...Mr. Pandas heart. After he proposed to me I won a few GREAT and AMAZING wedding related things.

The first is a mini-moon!

I won a trip to the Eagle Nook Resort and Spa on Vancouver Isla
nd, Mr. Panada and I are so excited about this. It gives us a great opportunity to get away and enjoy our time alone...but at a much much more affordable cost.

I always tell my sister who is getting married next year, that it is really really easy to stay under budget if you just win everything!

Weddings are expensive and honeymoons even so. Alot of people are taking to mini-moons like Mr. Panda and I. We are going for 3 days to an all exclusive wilderness resort. Staying in a water front room with 2 days of gourmet meals and a 200.0 credit for the spa! Bliss.

For those people who dont win everything, here are what Mr. Panda and I were going to do until we won this.

Road trip from Vancouver down the Oregon Coast for a week...camping where our heart pleases and singing to our favorite tunes.
Vegas! Vegas! Vegas! From Seattle to Vegas, the flight and hotel for both was only around 700.00 (for both!!!)
San Fransisco...never been...looks sweet.

When money is tight and the mind has to be open? Did anyone else do a mini moon that they loved?!

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  1. Wow you were so lucky to win that trip! And the place looks freaking amazing!!!


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